Who I am

Hi, my name is Lynden. I teach Electric and Acoustic guitar

I founded thisisguitar to help you become the guitarist you want to be!

* Studied at ACM Guildford under Guthrie Govan
* Lectured music at AMS Birmingham
* Taught one-to-one at Primary and Secondary Schools
* Taught Guitar on a prime-time BBC1 programme
* Toured extensively in the UK and abroad
* Harborne, Birmingham, UK
* I also teach Bass to an intermediate level

My playing encompasses elements of Rock, Funk, Blues, Metal and Jazz.

Music is an art form, a means of expression. Whether you just want to be able to strum a Bowie song at a barbecue, or play lead guitar in a band. Maybe you want to learn how to play so you can write songs. Whatever you want from your playing, I can provide the tools to help you on your way. I have taught hundreds of people to play the guitar, or improve on what they already know. I have been playing since 1992 and my passion led me to start performing and teaching shortly afterwards.


What i do


I have been teaching one to one lessons since 1994.

I studied guitar under Guthrie Govan at the ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) in Guildford in 1998-99.

I lectured music for 6 years at AMS (Academy of Music and Sound) in Birmingham between 2004-2010. I was involved with class-based teaching, with up to 20 people in a single lesson, with an age range generally around 16-20, although occasionally up to 40. The lessons covered everything from playing guitar and bass, to theory, performance, and business studies. The course material was written by Shaun Baxter, formerly of the Guitar Institute, London. AMS has since been taken over by ACM.

I worked as a visiting teacher at Shireland Language College in Smethwick (now Shireland Collegiate Academy) between 2001-2004, and at St Huberts Primary School in Oldbury between 2002-2004.

I did two teaching sessions for the BBC1 programme 'Honey, we're killing the kids' in 2005. The show was broadcast on prime time tv.

I studied Performing Arts at Neath College between 1996-1998.


I have played in a few bands down the years. I played guitar and sang all backing vocals with the Really Hot Chili Peppers, a tribute band that took me from the Netherlands to Turkey, as well as a variety of venues in the UK, Channels Islands and Northern Ireland. This is the kind of band that performs in front of anywhere between 200 and 5000 people, and it was a lot of fun! The band continues to this day:

Another band I have played in is Shiny Metal Boxes. I was Lead Singer, Guitarist and Songwriter for this band. There are some very progressive moments in that music, and it was an excellent vehicle for me to develop my skills in all areas.



"Patience, versatility, technique and a great sense of understanding his pupils needs are all qualities Lynden possesses in abundance. This makes him one of the best guitar tutors in the midlands. In fact he's the ONLY guitar tutor we recommend!"
Steve Mills
Director at guitarguitar Birmingham

  "Lynden proved to be genuinely inspirational to his students throughout his time at the Academy of Music and Sound, imparting lessons from the industry coalface in his energetic, accomplished, professional and inclusive style. Lynden was a true asset to me as a colleague and tutor - and a great bloke too!"
David McGrain
Centre Manager
Academy of Music and Sound Birmingham

"You helped me become the guitarist I wanted to be!"
Edd Reay, Northfield, Birmingham

"Due to an accident, I was subject to staying off school for 3 terms and so I turned to guitar in this time. I can honestly say that the main reason I got through those months is due to Lynden. His friendly and charismatic manor enabled me to progress at a fast pace and his lessons really were the highlight of my week. Having now taught for up to 5 years I still consider going back to him for a top-up!"
Callum Taylor, Harborne, Birmingham

"Lynden has a fantastic understanding of the guitar and a superb ability to listen to me and where I would like to be with my own playing. He always explains things in a way and using language that is easy to understand and makes sense. He even appreciates my own eclectic taste in music! I spend several months of the year overseas and during those months away, he gives me excellent tuition over the Internet using SKYPE. I never imagined that learning to play the guitar would be so much fun – I just wish I’d started 35 years ago!"
Martin Ritchie, Birmingham and Sydney

"As a non-classical musician, Lynden explained to me every aspect of music I struggled with in a logical way that has stuck with me nearly ten years on. His lessons taught me to appreciate music I had often ignored and improved my playing in every style I could ask. Inspiring isn't the word!"
Michael Hukins, Oldbury, Birmingham

  "Friendly, informal and above all enjoyable lessons from Lynden who is patient teacher with a vast skill base providing the perfect combination of technical teaching and song-based learning, as well as a healthy dose of showmanship. In my five years of lessons Lynden always provided me new challenges and ways of learning as well as sharing his extensive knowledge of music spanning all ages and genres. The ONLY place for enjoyable and insightful lessons from an accomplished musician and a genuinely nice bloke".
Sam Brinsdon, Harborne, Birmingham