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My role as a teacher is to help you reach your goals on the Guitar.



Lessons are tailored to your needs - We identify together what you want to achieve and implement a plan to reach that.

One to One - No distractions or peers to be nervous in front of. Lessons at YOUR pace.

You don't have to read music - It helps, but using Tabulature AKA Tab is like 'painting by numbers' for guitar. Easy.

Struggling with a part? - We can break it down and turn it into manageable pieces.

Want to learn a specific song? - Even if it's slightly above your current level, we can take steps to learn the skills you need to get you there.

Understanding - I can teach you WHY as well as how. The theory behind what you are learning can help you develop your own ideas, as well as make learning other things easier.

Extensive learning resources - 1 year of study notes (ACM), 2 years of teaching notes (AMS), plus my vast personal database and the internet mean there is always a route to learning what you want.

Professional Advice - What Guitar, Amps and Effects to buy. Even changing a string.

Struggle with written notes? - I can make a Video Clip of what we are learning on the spot and email it to you.

Discover new music - I can bring new influences to excite and inform your playing.

The right equipment - Amplifiers, guitars, effects, laptop, printer, projector, internet plus good old fashioned pen and paper. (Click my Facebook button to see examples of some of my equipment and 'like' thisisguitar).

See my VIDEOS on YouTube


TIps and Tricks

Practice - It is better to do 20 minutes a day, than 1 hour every 3 days. Little and often. Or better still lots often.

Pain - A little pain is fine, anything more you should stop and take a break.

Warm Up first - If you are going to start practising cold, do some warm up exercises.

Soloing - When learning a solo, break it into a phrase or a bar at a time, get it memorised. Then learn the next bit, and then play them concurrently. Building a solo like this ensures you absorb the parts. Otherwise you'll get to the end, start over, and have forgotten most of the phrases in between.

Rhythm - When strumming a rhythm, your hand should act like a pendulum, providing a sense of rhythm. It should basically keep moving. Any jerkiness will stop you from developing 'groove' in your playing.

Jam - Playing with other people is a great way to improve and keep excited about playing.

Metronome - No professional musician is without one. It'll improve your timing immensely.

Goals - The only way to reach a goal is to set it in the first place.

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